1966 Mercedes Benz 200 Fintail

OWNERS NAME: Felipe Isaza
YEAR: 1966
MAKE: Mercedes Benz
MODEL: 200 Fintail
This vehicle was imported by my grandfather from Germany to Medellin, Colombia in 1966. Copies of import manifest and original invoice are available. It has been in the family since then. 
My family used it in Colombia for several years. We decided to restore it in 2008; It was registered with CLAC  (Club Colombiano de Automóviles Antiguos y Clásicos) and received 92.4 points score and an Antique License Plate.
The vehicle was given to me as a present in 2009. I used to drive it in Colombia when I visited the country. I decided to import it to the U.S. in  2018;  Covid came, and it took 12 months  to complete the paperwork and be able to ship it. Finally one year later, I was able to import it from Cartagena Colombia, to Miami, Fl. The vehicle was shipped by vessel in a container and arrived on Thanksgiving day Nov 2020. Registered with DMV and obtained the Antique License plate!
Participated in the Biltmore Way Classic Auto show.
All provenance and service records are kept on file.