1967 Volkswagen Beetle

OWNERS NAME: Sergio E Ochoa
YEAR: 1967
MODEL: Beetle
1967 is considered the best year for the production of the VW beetle. There were very innovative changes on this year such as;
  • 1967 Production 921,013 units
  • First year for the 12 volt electrical system well know in almost all american and some european cars.
  • New engine increase in size 1500 cc with almost 53 HP. Improve clutch and gears. Top speed 85 mph
  • Last year of the low back seats with no headrest
  • Introduction of the reverse lamps on rear bumper
  • Engine trunk lid with a flat surface for the license tag to be more visible
  • Use of front headlamps sealed as any american car 7″ diameter
  • Last year of the bumpers with bars and overriders
  • Last year for the gas to be pumped opening the front hood
  • First year of the pancake style hub caps
  • First year for the door handles with a push button 
  • Weight 1,700 lbs
  • 1967 facts:  Average car cost $2,750  / Average household income $7,300.00   /  Average home cost $14,250.00  /  Gallon of gas 0.33
Back in 1973 When I was a student at UM a friend owned a VW 1967 that latter on I bought from him for $500.00. It was red with a black interior. Had it for about a year and trade it for a used 1968 VW bus. After that beetle I have own many cars american europeans japanese but to me none compares to the beetle. Had Chevys, Buicks, Fords, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Mazda, Toyota, Nissan, Classic Mini Coopers and so on.
After 50 yrs of cars I always loved the beetle and I was looking all the time for one in good condition but all are modified and none is original. Finally 4 yrs ago I found this one  here in Miami that the owner an 82 old man decided to sell it because he was unable to clutch anymore because of his health. We agree on the price and I bought it. I’m the 4th owner the VW it was repainted once and still have the original engine not repaired yet close to 80K miles. interior was redone years ago with new reproduction materials to keep it original. I drive the beetle anytime that I can and is a driver but in very good condition. I consider the cars have to be used and enjoy as there is no purpose to keep them in the garage. If you take good care of your car they can last for years.
So I was fortunate to find one as close as the first one that I had in 1974 almost 50 yrs ago. I have participate in many shows and have several trophies with it. I just keep enjoying my beetle as much as I can.