1984 Mercedes Benz 280SL Convertible

OWNERS NAME: Barbara Scalla
YEAR: 1984
MAKE: Mercedes
SUB MODEL: Convertible

The Mercedes Benz SL line can trace its roots back to the groundbreaking 300SL that Mercedes sent racing—with success—in the 1950s. Fast and beautiful, the original SL was a technical triumph, with direct fuel injection and a space frame that necessitated those iconic top-hinged doors. A less overtly sporting SL (despite the SL name flowing from which translates to Sport Lightweight, followed, though it continued to deliver unmatched class and, later, a distinctive hardtop.
And then came the R107-generation SL-Class in 1971, which would cement the SL silver-spoon status through an incredible 18-year production run.
This particular version, the 280 SL, was never imported into the United States. Rather, its larger engined version, the 380 SL, was the import choice for the north American market of the R107 “Class” which featured the 3.8 Liter V8 engine and only offered with an automatic transmission for the US market.
The 280 SL version was only sold in the European market as well as other non US markets. The 280 SL version was powered by a 6 Cylinder 2.76 liter engine with European specifications providing 182 Horsepower with 177 Ft Lb of torque. Although the US market craved for the beefier 8 cylinder engine, it was the 2.8- 6 Cylinder engine that delivered more power, with higher compression ratio, higher torque…and lower weight,
giving it an attractive Power to Weight Ratio and making the car faster and more agile than the 3.8 liter V8 engine.

This car was born in the Sindelfingen plant in West Germany. It was special ordered by a Venezuelan General living in Colombia. Delivered in 1985 to Bogota Colombia from Germany where it lived until 2022 and brought to Miami to live the rest of its life alongside the 1966 Signal Red Mustang convertible nearby in this show. This car is an all original
280 SL Mercedes version of the R107 line. This model has only 40,000 original miles, 5 speed manual transmission, and fully restored to original specifications. A dream car to drive as it approaches its 40th anniversary of leaving the factory floor, and always meticulously maintained and babied for.