1985 Rolls Royce Cornice

YEAR: 1985
MAKE: Rolls Royce
MODEL: Cornice

Motor: 6.7 cubic V8
Horse Power: 170
Brakes: Four Wheel Disc
Length: 207.5”
Width: 72.3”
Weight: 6000 lbs.
Rolls-Royce introduced the Silver Shadow series of 2 door Saloons and Drophead Coupes in 1965 and designated as the 2-door Saloon and Drophead Coupé. It was revolutionary for the firm with its boxy, square styling, yet instantly recognizable as a Rolls-Royce, with its upright grill
Spirit of Ecstasy radiator mascot.
From 1971 to 1980, initially produced as a hardtop Coupe, named after the 1939 Corniche prototype. Developed by the Mulliner Park Ward, subsidiary of Rolls-Royce, It was the first rolls to have a monocot steel body, independent suspension, four-wheel brakes. When the
replacement arrived as a factory series, it was renamed the Corniche after the coastal road of Nice, France.
It took nearly 20 weeks to produce each car, which featured coachwork by Rolls Royce’s owned subsidiary Mulliner Park Ward. The car remained in production until 1993 when replaced by a new model of the same name. The Corniche draws its name from the experimental 1939 Corniche prototype, destroyed during World War II at which time Rolls Royce registered the name for future use. The name comes from the French word Corniche, a coastal road, along the French Riviera above the principality of Monaco.
This 1985 version features built-in bars in each door containing 4 French crystal whiskey glasses and a flask.
This car sold for $165,000 in 1985.