1998 BMW M Roadster

OWNERS NAME: Benjamin Cardonne
YEAR: 1998
MODEL: M Roadster
  • The 1998 BMW M Roadster holds a significant place in automotive history and remains an icon in the world of sports cars. It is a vehicle that embodies the essence of driving pleasure, combining impressive performance, striking design, and exceptional engineering. The M Roadster played a crucial role in redefining BMW’s image and establishing the brand as a producer of high-performance, driver-focused machines. 

One of the key aspects that make the 1998 BMW M Roadster important is its exceptional performance capabilities. Under the hood, it featured a powerful 3.2-liter inline-six engine that produced 240 horsepower, allowing it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just over five seconds. This level of performance was remarkable for a convertible of its time and placed it in the same league as some of the most revered sports cars on the market. Has a very retro design, creating a similarity with the British Roadsters of the sixties…  With its long hood and seating position almost in the rear wheels… as well as the beautiful interior with old school dials on a blue leather center console. 

The M Roadster also showcased BMW’s commitment to precision engineering and dynamic handling. It featured a stiffened chassis, upgraded suspension, and advanced technologies, such as Dynamic Stability Control, to deliver a thrilling driving experience. The car’s precise steering, responsive throttle, and well-balanced handling characteristics made it a joy to drive on both winding roads and the racetrack.  

The 1998 BMW M Roadster holds immense importance in automotive history. It exemplifies BMW’s commitment to engineering excellence, performance, and captivating design. With its impressive performance capabilities, precise handling, and iconic styling, the M Roadster left an indelible mark on the sports car segment. It will forever be remembered as a true driver’s car that brought excitement and exhilaration to those fortunate enough to experience it. 

  • This particular vehicle is a vehicle that lived most of its life in Colorado.  It was only used in the summer and kept garaged during the winter months..  The color combination on this particular vehicle its very rare. It is believed that there were less than 100 vehicles in 1998 made in triple blue.  Estoril Blue Exterior, Blue and Black Interior and Blue top.