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Progressive Lunch – November 13, 2021

Getting together again after lock-down.

Food, fun, fine weather, friends, and Fords – at least two Model A’s – made up the journey of the Progressive Lunch from Tropical Park through the beautiful streets and past the historic villages in Coral Gables on the way to the home of Cheryl and Jay Mullininx on Saturday, November 13.  Following the trail laid out by Ira Shapiro, the members of the club saw the Florida Pioneer Village, the Italian Village, Chinese Village, the French Country Village, the French City Village, and the Dutch South African Village, all examples of early 20th Century architecture that reflected the influence of those styles on American residences, all dreamed up by George Merrick, the founder of Coral Gables.  In addition, the club learned new routes through the back roads and relearned how to negotiate the newest vestige of international design: the traffic circle.  Upon arrival at the destination in Palmetto Bay, Cheryl and Jay welcomed us to their spacious home and backyard and a fine luncheon of roasted chicken, beef tenderloin, baked potatoes, salad, and a dessert selection that boggled the mind, not to mention the sugar quotient.

Thank you to Ira Shapiro for providing us with the guide to the homes – and the pre-lunch appetizers – and to Cheryl and Jay for their hospitality.  The thanks of the club was shown by presenting them with a certificate of appreciation and the gift of a spa day for both of them: a relaxing time well-earned.

By Philip Williams
Photos by Jean Hawa and Bob Squier

Starting out

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Progressive Lunch – October 5, 2019

The Progressive Lunch is different than all the other events hosted by AACA South Florida.  Unlike a show, it’s not just about the cars.  Unlike the picnic or the holiday party, it’s not just about the food, and it takes place in more than one location.  This year, on Saturday, October 5, we began at the lovely home of Jean and Maurice Hawa, with salads and hors d’oeuvres.  Then Ira Shapiro added a new twist and turn to the formula: a poker chip run that was more of a leisurely drive through some of the nicest neighborhoods in Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay, gathering poker chips at a couple of stops, and ending up at poolside at the home of Cheryl and Jay Mullininx, where a feast of beef tenderloin, chicken, lasagna, mashed potatoes, green beans, and other tasty additions awaited us.

The twist in the poker chip run was that chips were drawn at random and the point values were assigned after the run so as to heighten the suspense of who would win.  And when the chips were counted, the winners were: Diane Preuss 105, Rick and Diane Ash 95, Angela Torres 86, Mark and Yanet Sepulveda 85, and John Houlsby 85.

Thanks to all who participated, thank you especially to our hosts, Jean and Maurice and Cheryl and Jay, and to route master and chip counter Ira Shapiro.
By Philip Williams
Photos: Bob Squier, Al Padilla and Philip Williams


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