Who we are

Larry’s 1935 Chrysler Airflow

The South Florida Region is located in a part of the country that is known for great weather,  so we have a lot of events and shows.   We get the year off to an early start with the two-day Art Deco Classic Car Show and Parade in January.  The two-day show features a parade and car show on Saturday and a car show on Sunday of restored and un-restored cars and motorcycles 25 years or older that compete for trophies and for Best of Show in the following categories: Pre-War, Post-War, and Best Original.   Each day is its own show with trophies handed out on both Saturday and Sunday.  It all takes place in connection with the Art Deco Weekend Festival on South Beach held over the Martin Luther King weekend that fills up ten blocks of the famed Ocean Drive on Miami Beach with antiques, art, food, street performers, stilt-walkers and of course our cars.

We continue to enjoy the weather and interesting venues with our annual Biltmore Way Classic Car Show in downtown Coral Gables.  The cars and trucks are displayed held  in front of the Coral Gables City Hall at the end of the famous Miracle Mile attracting large crowds of automobile enthusiasts and causal spectators out for a Sunday stroll.

Our most prestigious event is the Memory Lane Show.   This exhibit is put on in conjunction with the South Florida International Auto Show at the Miami Beach Convention Center for ten days in November.   Open to members only, it is one of the favorite stops for auto show visitors who get to see some of the great classic cars of the world up close.  It’s also a great introduction to people who have never seen some of these cars, and we always enjoy answering questions about the history of our cars and to share the memories of those who stop by.  You’ll hear a lot of “My dad had one just like that……”      You’ll see a lot of teenagers casting envious eyes at the muscle cars, and you’ll hear a lot of people tell each other about how much fun they had when they drove one of these back in the good old days when cars had style.

All of our other events – car shows, picnics, brunches, tours, a progressive dinner, an annual Holiday party, and our Occasional Sunday Morning Drives – are free or subsidized for members.