2024 Art Deco Weekend Classic Auto Show

January 13th & 14th two amazing days of Art Deco weekend car show, festivities and food on South Beach, right on Ocean Drive, the street was shut down to allow only pedestrian traffic, and the only cars on the street were all on display as the annual AACA South Florida Region antique and classic car show took place. A total of 108 cars showed up on the weekend to make one amazing display! The weather was perfect and the rain held off for this amazing show which happens every year on Art Deco Weekend on the beach.

Saturday Award Winners

Ernie’s 1995 Porsche 911, Mike’s 1968 Camaro SS, Ross’s 1959 Impala, Tony/s 1991 Nissan Figaro, Drew’s 1973 BMW, Ruben’s 1994 Porshe RS America, Gary’s 1994 Mini-Cooper, Oscar’s 1967 VW Hor Rod Beetle, Jay’s 1969 Road Runner, Urshula’s 1967 Belvedere, Jessica’s 1994 Mustang GT and Best of Show went to Henry’s 1935 Auburn Boattail.

Sundays Award Winners

Bob’s 1985 RR Corniche, Al’s 1955 Buick Century, Hector’s 1964 Beetle, Lee’s 1972 442 Olds, Larry’s 1935 Airflow, Alex’s 1995 Cougar XR7, George’s 1934 Plymouth, Bob’s 1959 Fairlane 500, Nivardo’s 1954 Sunliner, Jose’s 1964 Thunderbird, Kim’s 1968 Mustang GT and Best of Show went to Volker and his 1972 Jaguar E Type.