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Vizcaya Farm Village Car Show – April 24, 2022

Ira’s 1968 MG B-GT

What a contrast between a rainy February 13th and a sunny April 24th!  Yes, that was the difference between the washed-out car show ten weeks ago and the most recent very successful car show at Vizcaya Farm Village.  Twenty-four antiques graced the perimeter path of the historic site which was adjacent to the weekly farmers market. Except for one vehicle, the antiques ranged from 1916 to 1968. A 1973 International Harvester was allowed beyond the accepted pre-1969 age limit because James’ father, William Deering, was the founder of the Deering Harvester, which produced tractors and trucks. The company merged with the Cyrus Hall McCormick Company eventually becoming the International Harvester Company.
In 1916, the Vizcaya Village was built alongside the Villa Vizcaya of James Deering. Its purpose was to make Vizcaya self-sufficient. The 180 acres of land contained eleven buildings which were purposed to house staff, vehicles, and farm animals. Most of the land was used to grow fruits and vegetables for the family, guests and staff’s consumption. Greenhouses provided fresh flowers to adorn the Villa and provide for multiple gardens.
Show Chair Ira Shapiro executed an extremely informative guided tour around the Village which highlighted the biography of James Deering, the architectural planning of the buildings and gardens, the effects of hurricanes and 1929 Stock Market Crash, and the purpose of the buildings inside the Village.
As with any car show, it takes several volunteers to assist with the execution of the event. Beginning with Show Chair Ira Shapiro, thank you for requesting an invitation to hold the show. Thanks to all the car owners who brought out their show cars, Bob Squier for creating the windshield cars, greeting the participants, and taking photographs, Tomás Hernández for helping place the cars, Maurice and Jean Hawa for transporting the club equipment, Conrad Vazquez for manning the information table, and Manny and Millie Garcia for providing the doughnuts and coffee.
By Jean Hawa
Photos by Bob Squier

1917 Overland Badges

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1917 Overland Badges