1968 Plymouth GTX

OWNER: Ricardo Kramer

YEAR: 1968

MAKE  : Plymouth


1968 Plymouth GTX is the first year of the model change. The GTX (Grand Touring Extra) was first introduced in 1967 from the Plymouth Belvedere baseline as the 2 door hardtop model. The car was considered a mid-sized upscale trimmed car or as it’s also referred to as the rich man’s muscle car. The standard Plymouth GTX model had the 440 Super Commando engine, with only 1 optional engine being the legendary 426 Hemi. This car features the optional 426 Hemi engine with the Inland 4spd manual transmission and the Dana 3.54 rear axle, which was standard with the 4spd option. This car is 1 of 234 with the manual 4spd transmission (218 automatic’s). Total production for this calendar year was 17,940, which these numbers vary. This car also features the light group option, which included turn signals on the fenders, additional lights within the interior dash and trunk light. The exterior color is metallic burgundy, with the white stripe and black interior with the bucket seats.