Annual Picnic – May 5, 2018

Once again the members of the AACA South Florida Region gathered for the annual picnic, this time at Larry and Penny Thompson Park. Again we scheduled it for May so that there was less chance of rain and it would be cooler. This year it didn’t work out as well with temperatures in the mid-80’s, lots of humidity and on-again-off again drizzle.

Nevertheless, nearly 50 club members showed up for the fun, the food, and the company.  A few brave souls brought out their antique cars, but most came in their daily drivers.

This year’s picnic was a catered affair under the chairmanship of Manny Garcia, Millie Garcia and Tomas Hernandez who also brought the table decorations.   Our members contributed by heaping two tables with a wide assortment of side dishes and desserts, all up for prizes and judged by an impartial panel of tasters.

Taking top honors for the side dishes were: 1st place, Bob Squier’s Cucumber Salad; 2nd place George Harvey’s Corn Casserole. Top honors for desserts went to: 1st place Elena Williams’ Chess Bars; 2nd place Diane Ash’s Chocolate Chip Cookies.  In addition to the food competition member awards were given for Longest Drive – Amy Axelrod from Delray Beach; Eldest Member – Carlton Bahn- (also a member since 1955); Oldest Antique Car – Paul Cotner – 1931 Model A Roadster; Newest Member – John Houlsby (joined two months ago); Newest Antique Car – Ira Shapiro- 1993 Cadillac Allante.

Thanks again to all who helped with the picnic, and all the members who by being there made this a very enjoyable event.

Post and Photos by Bob Squier

1931 Ford Model A

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