Annual Picnic – June 26, 2022


After a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, the members of the AACA South Florida Region gathered for our annual picnic, returning to Larry and Penny Thompson Park with nearly sixty club members, family, and friends showing up for the fun, the food, and the company, along with a nice but small selection of antique cars due to the threat of rain (that never materialized).

This year’s picnic, organized by Manny and Millie Garcia, was catered with barbecue chicken, pulled pork, barbecue beans, cole slaw, and corn on the cob.  Our members contributed by loading two tables with a wide assortment of side dishes and desserts, all up for prizes and judged by an impartial panel of tasters.

Taking top honors for the side dishes were: 1st place to Dianne Preuss’ baked fruited brie; 2nd place to Bill Anello’s eggplant parmesan. Top honors for desserts went to: 1st place to Jean Hawa’s Oreo cheesecake; 2nd place to Isabel Hernández’s tres leches dessert. In addition to the food competition, awards were given for the Longest Drive – Isabel Hernández from way out Coral Way; Member of the club with the longest years – George Harvey, and Oldest Car – Danny Hernández for his 1964 Ford Galaxy 500.

Thanks again to all who helped with the picnic, and all the members who by being there made this a very enjoyable event.

By Philip Williams
Photos by Bob Squier and Philip Williams

1964 Ford Galaxie 500

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