Tour Back Through Time – March 20, 2021

What a great concept and fun time we had as participants in Miami’s AACA South Florida Region’s event, “Tour Back Through Time.”

From the original promo email, I truly assumed a “Tour Back Through Time” related to somehow driving our beautiful and wonderful vintage cars, top down and no air conditioning of course, on a tour through some of the opulent home districts and sights of South Miami and Coral Gables. Well yes… and no!

A drive, yes! See some of the opulent homes, on truly some of the most beautiful canopied tree lined streets in South Florida, yes.. but “a tour”?  NO !

Upon arrival we were handed a envelope containing eleven photos of Historic Miami-Dade locations, some buildings or monuments and advised the photos were in no particular order, had no identifications/names or addresses, yet we were to drive to and visit as many as possible, in the shortest time and return to the meet up point! And, I forgot to mention… take a photo at each location for verification proof.  Yes, the Plymouth Congregational Church entrance in Coconut Grove is unique and historic, as is the Water Tower on Alhambra and the Biltmore Hotel.

So, having driven to the starting point at Tropical Park, not too far from Dadeland, I think, from my home in West Delray Beach, (Palm Beach County) and thereby not knowing the turf, we proclaimed we had no clue and no chance so we invoked “Plan B”:  We proclaimed it  a “Tour”  (so we wouldn’t be declared as cheating) and “followed” some of the other participants, who played it straight, found it challenging and fun

Well done, and many thanks to the organizers for a truly fun day.

Thank you Jorge Feira and Al Padilla for your hard work in putting this wonderful tour together.

Story by Michael Cohen
Photos by Bob Squier and the tour participants.

Tour Clues
Photos and a bit of history