Memory Lane 2022

As in the years past Memory Lane exhibit was displayed at the Miami International Auto Show in the renovated and expanded Miami Beach Convention Center. This year we had a great collection of 35 vehicles worthy of the great Memory Lane tradition of displaying fine examples of automotive history.  With an added flare the cars displayed ranged from 1928 through 1992 including American Muscle and European Sports cars.   Thank you to all the club members who displayed their cars.

To our volunteers, thank you for the countless hours spent at the show providing information to the spectators and also keeping a watchful eye over the cars. Every car owner volunteered and contributed to the event. Much appreciation to the following individuals who took the time to come out and volunteer or spend time at the display yet not having a vested interest in a car. Maurice and Jean Hawa, Tomas and Yovanna Hernandez, Andy Leavy, Alex Fardales, Bob Squire, & Ira Shapiro.

A very special THANK YOU to Stephen and Kathy Greenblatt who spent countless hours all week long at the show doing everything they could and even providing hot coffee.

Enjoy the Digital Display

Pictures provided by Al Padilla

The Best of Show went to
Mohammed Shanti with his
1970 Coronet Super Bee