The November 2022 Deering Estate Vintage Auto Show could not have been a better experience! Everything went perfectly as the cars came to line up to enter; and thanks to Jean Hawa’s meticulous preparation, it was as easy as 1,2 & 3! Then with assistance from Ira Shapiro and Bob Squier, checking the cars in and getting them on the grounds was probably one of the easiest car shows to have been a part of.

The weather was perfect a nice high 80’s but with a beautiful nice summer wind (in the fall) coming in from the bay. With over 35 cars on the lawn at the Deering Estate and a slew of spectators streaming through for five hours, it was a special day. We had entries from 1911 through 1965 showcasing a spectacular array of vintage classic automobiles, including vintage International Harvester vehicles.

Take a look at the pictures of the cars and the event below on the slide show. Click on image for details. Photos courtesy of Al Padilla and Robert Hernandez